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Canada Sheep and Lamb Farms

Canada Sheep and Lamb Farms is a business venture between Sarto Sheep Farms of Manitoba and the North American Lamb Company, a subsidiary of Integrated Foods in New Zealand.


The goal of Canada Sheep and  Lamb Farms is to build the largest breeding flock in Canada, a minimum of 50,000 breeding ewes. Our experience teaches us that effective management practices are necessary to maintain a healthy, happy and productive flock of sheep and shepherds. 

Animal care is our top priority; however, we take great pride in the management of our most valuable resources, our land and water - utilizing best practices in manure management and a crop rotation that eliminates the need for commercial fertilizer and minimizes opportunities for water contamination. 

Our Farms
Stony Mountain 26-10-17.jpg

Our farms are run efficiently with minimal labour leveraging our vast experience through computer software programs to manage replacement selection using established and proven criteria.

If you're looking for your next career move, check out our current vacancies. 

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